Priority Mail

Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your customers' experience with mail.

A growing segment of business overall, the USPS® reinforced its commitment to Priority Mail® in 2013, reinventing and putting additional emphasis on this essential part of the mailstream. As they continue to put focus on it, Priority Mail continues to have more and more strategic importance to mailers and mail owners alike.

Priority Mail is a big part of successful fulfillment and key delivery methods for large (over 13oz) First-Class Mail® jobs. It is also a growing way for marketers to ensure their highest value communications get noticed – these packages appear to be high importance or personal, and as a result always get opened and read. No matter the purpose, these packages jump to the top of the mail pile, and your customers are expecting you to help get them there.

How does it work with BCC Mail Manager?

With support for IM®pb and IMb® as well as the all-important Shipping Services File (SSF), integrating the Priority Mail option for BCC Mail Manager™ lets you add new services to your offerings with a small learning curve. The option for Priority Mail also includes preparation into Sacks, Tubs, and Pallets, along with the reporting you depend on for production.

Key Features

Prints IMpb Barcodes

Generates Shipping Services File to avoid the $ 0.20 surcharge

Prepare Priority Mail to pallets for easy transport

Includes Multi Weight Manifesting

Generates production reporting

Key Benefits

Eliminates $.20 / piece surcharge regardless of volume

Say yes to Priority Mail jobs without retraining staff or manually handling pieces

Download the data sheet and learn more about Priority Mail