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Redpoint Permitted Use


Permitted Use

Notwithstanding anything contained in the EULA, this Exhibit A, or otherwise, the license to use the Products is limited as follows: 

For the print or mailing services division of the Client and the Products are to be exclusively used by the Client for preparing and processing its internal and external clients’ customer data for use in the following Channel Partner’s Service Offerings: Architect, Presort and Post-Presort (fka Monticello) only or their substantially similar replacements used to prepare print and mailing jobs by performing address standardization, presort, and/or post-presort steps in the print and mail preparation process. Outputting the result of that process to a document composition tool or print driver software is also permitted for the purpose of completing the print and mail workflow only. For the avoidance of doubt: (i) exclusively for printing and mailing only; (ii) not for use in connection with providing multi-channel or one-to-one digital marketing of any type or for any other purpose, including customer profiling and persistent record management which are expressly prohibited and (iii) any material expansion in functionality or change in purpose of the foregoing named Services Offerings are outside of this permitted scope of use.

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