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Integratec® API Platform

Modular, scalable, and adaptable architecture that encompasses the important steps of mailing preparation.

Create fully automated and optimized mailing workflows with Integratec® API. The API Platform is built on a modular architecture that allows software to run on any number of machines across different environments—depending on each customer’s needs and the requirements of their environment. This unique setup allows mailers to fine tune performance by scaling the number of workers performing under the control of the centralized broker and distributing the load across multiple machines.

Use and scale modules to fit your needs

The Integratec API Platform consists of modules that comprise the important steps of mail preparation, from vital presort functions to advanced data quality. When you license the API, you will get these modules, each with its own unique set of capabilities.

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This module serves as the foundation for Integratec, handling basic functions like import and export, data modification, and indexing.


This module performs all presort capabilities, fulfilling USPS® PAVE™ Gold certification in over 100 categories.


This module delivers all documentation and tray/pallet labels required to finalize your presort and induct mail into the USPS mailstream.

Address Standardization

This module standardizes and corrects address lists, leveraging Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™) certification for data quality.

Integrated Systems

Any users of the Integratec technology platform can consume our industry leading Data Marketing Services from inside a fully integrated workflow.

Key Benefits

Many of the largest mailers have been able to realize real cost savings and quality improvements by leveraging internal IT teams and custom software applications.

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    • Handled by a central broker, so single client API makes request of any module
    • Communication interface maintained as modules and features are added
    • Simple to understand and easy to implement
    • Progress pushed to the API via callbacks or pulled from the broker at request
    • Can generate a request for work and wait for the return (synchronous)
    • Can generate a request for work and not wait for the return, freeing up the process while the work is processed (asynchronous)
    • API requests control of all aspects of software functionality
    • Limited cases use a settings file
    • Can function as a group of services, requiring no interactive session
    • All errors are trapped in logs and replies to requests made by the API
    • Once API calls are written, software is “ready to roll”
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