ZIPFOURce Web Service™

Get real-time address quality with pay-as-you-go convenience.

address validation software

Improve point-of-entry data quality with seamless ease and absolute minimum upfront costs. ZIPFOURce Web Service™ can help. Based on BCC Software’s popular in-house API that augments CRM efforts with USPS® certified address standardization and updating, this address validation web service utilizes the same ZIPFOURce™ address matching software performance with new pay-as-you-go convenience.

Gain address quality in a web-hosted platform

Using an online callable interface, CASS Certified™ ZIPFOURce Web Services uses the latest USPS® ZIP + 4®, DPV®, and LACSLink® data to parse, look up, correct, and standardize United States address data in real time.

Encoding Options

Single and batch encoding options are both available, and the service adjusts names entered for proper casing: all caps or no caps.

Delivery Point Validation

Uses USPS DPV technology to reveal whether an address listed in the ZIP + 4 database is actually recognized by the USPS as a deliverable destination.


Updates rural-style addresses to city-style formats, or renames/renumbers city-style addresses that may have been changed by local governments.

Postal Discounts

ZIPFOURce retrieves additional delivery point information, so you can take further advantage of postal discounts.

Target Marketing Efforts

Detailed and correct data provides a robust understanding of every address in your database.

Improve connection with current and future clients

Ensure you do not lose customers due to flaws in your records. Use this convenient, web-hosted platform to improve address quality.

Residential Delivery Indicator

Interface with USPS RDI™ technology that identifies residential delivery points, allowing informed decision-making when choosing a parcel shipper.


Improve business address data by adding known secondary (suite) details, allowing USPS delivery sequencing where it would not otherwise be possible.


Provides valuable latitude and longitude information.

Available Reports

Reports include PS Form 3553 (CASS Summary), National Deliverability Index, and LACSLink Processing Summary Report.

Download the data sheet and learn more about ZIPFOURce Web Service™