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PostalOne!® Made Easy

Why go with PostalWeb®?

  • Submit and monitor jobs without logging into PostalOne!®
  • Multi-threaded: Quickly submit multiple jobs simultaneously
  • Download/print postage statements automatically
  • Automate the uploading of Mail.dats and the retrieval of
    postage statements
  • Fix files that fail validation on-the-fly
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Integrated QuickFix™ Mail.dat editor makes it easy to fix validation errors and quickly resubmit to PostalOne!®

postalweb interface

PostalWeb® has a powerful and easy to use interface

Postal Web® Significantly reduces the time (up to 85%) and effort of submitting jobs to PostalOne!® and downloading documents from the PostalOne!® Dashboard.

    • Auto-updates the MDR Client when new releases are required by PostalOne!®
    • Dramatically reduces labor hours needed to submit mailings to PostalOne!®
    • QuickFix™: Easily fixes Mail.dat validation errors for resubmission
    • Saves time locating, retrieving, printing, and organizing eDocs (UPD/FIN)
    • Increases profitability by giving staff time to spend on higher-level tasks
    • Streamlines mail production and payment processes
    • Easily cross-train others: No Mail.dat expertise needed
    • Simplifies effort required, reducing the potential for costly Errors
    • No need to manually upload Mail.dat files to PostalOne!®
    • No need to constantly monitor the MDR Client submission screen to check on jobs
    • No need to enter postage information into mailer billing and job shop systems
    • Download postage statements automatically with a consistent naming convention
    • View PostalOne!® submission of information from anywhere
    • Collect error information for PostalOne!® Helpdesk tickets quickly and easily

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