Lightning fast statement processing software for high-volume mailers.

Improve mailpiece delivery and postal reporting to ensure the lowest possible postage costs. cQuencer™ gives you the ability to control efficiency, accuracy, and economy of your high-volume, variable-weight mailing operations.

Deliver unmatched efficiency and economy

Mailing jobs are inherently complex, but that’s no reason to let unforeseen workflow issues slow you down or cost you money. Take control of your mail-processing operation with cQuencer.

Improving success

Update mailpiece counts while preserving crucial tray arrangements.

Ensure low postal rates

Full Service IMB™ certified with Mail.dat® allows your workflow to leverage the USPS PostalOneI!® system.

Focus on speed and efficiency

Sort multipage documents into optimal inserter sequence without interrupting the postal presort.

Product Options

cQuencer can sort complex First-Class Mail™ and Standard Mail® and work with your printers and inserters to produce the most efficient and economical sortation possible to achieve the highest discounts.

Compatible operating systems

  • Windows®
  • Linux®
  • AIX®

Job setup

  • Accepts binary data from virtually any source
  • Controlled through working variables or passed with command line

Supplies required full service certifications

  • CASS™
  • PAVE™
  • MAC Batch™
  • Intelligent Mail®

USPS Intelligent Mail® Full Service program compatibility options

  • PostalOne!-comptable Mail.dat file generation
  • Provides unique IMB sequencing for mailpieces, trays, and pallets
  • Unique Intelligent Mail® container and tray labels
  • TEM-certified software for PostalOne!

Standard mail options

  • Drop shipping to SCF and NDC for best postage discounts
  • All Standard letters less than 3.3 ounces
  • Carrier Route Support
  • Basic, High-Density, High-Density Plus and Saturation
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