Powerful, reliable, and accessible software

Expertly crafted, BCC Software’s mailing software products advance any workflow by optimizing postage costs, improving g data processing, and providing integrated access to our wide array of data marketing services.

The comprehensive family of software products allow the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers – from small print houses to major Mail Service Providers.

We continually improve our postal software solutions to stay current with the latest USPS® regulations.

The power and flexibility of our mailing software makes it easy to tailor a solution that best fits your business:

Tray Tag Printing Solutions

Dependable, efficient container tag printing solutions.

BCC Mail Manager

BCC Mail Manager LE

BCC Mail Manager LE™ provides CASS™ and PAVE™ certified encoding and presorting technology with powerful, integrated list-management features and built-in access to BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services.

Integratec Mailing API Platform from BCC Software

Integratec® API Platform

Modular, scalable, and adaptable architecture that encompasses the important steps of mailing preparation.

BCC Mail Manager

BCC Mail Manager

BCC Mail Manager offers end-to-end mail processing with comprehensive software that adapts to your business needs.

LENS Platform

A fast, convenient way to perform address updating and mailing list enhancement tasks.

address validation software

ZIPFOURce Web Services

Get real-time address quality with pay-as-you-go convenience.

address validation software


Address validation API for improved address quality.

Datavolve address standardization software


A solution for address standardization and validation, meet your new partner in peerless address quality.

Data Hygiene & Data Enhancement - Go Data


Our 100% web-based tool for powerful data processing right at your fingertips.


Lightning fast statement processing software for high-volume mailers.

Bcc Mail Manager Full Service

BCC Mail Manager Full Service

Designed to exclusively meet the needs of premier-level mailers, BCC Mail Manager Full Service™ provides high volume operations with the requirements they need and the maximum flexibility they want in a powerful, all-in-one solution.

Software Options

Powerful options for a tailored software solution. BCC Software offers comprehensive and reliable mailing software, backed by powerful options that you can utilize to ensure it works efficiently for your company’s specific needs.