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The Benefits of DSF2

March 15, 2011

Address quality is critical in today’s mailing environment. Anything that can be done to reduce wasted printing and postage while improving targeting can be a significant boost to a direct mail effort. While a wide range of services are available, DSF2® is one value-added service that can be useful in a wide array of scenarios.

DSF2 identifies whether a ZIP+4® address is represented in the USPS® delivery file as a known address record. Additionally, it tells you whether an address is seasonal, vacant, residential, or business. This information can be used to hone your mailing lists and produce mailings that are targeted more precisely. Finally, DSF2 can be used to gain additional postage discounts via walk sequencing.

While BCC Software has long offered DSF2, it was brought in-house early in the year. That move enabled 24/7 processing, as jobs can be processed as soon as they are received. Customers have also noticed faster turnaround times for jobs. Ultimately, it has enabled BCC Software to provide superior service to its customers.

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