Track N Trace®

24/7 IMb Tracing® reporting functionality in a secure, worry-free Web-based interface.

Intelligent mailpiece tracking, for smarter and more effective mailings

The Track N Trace® platform is used by thousands of companies to track millions of mail pieces each month. The hosted reporting platform accepts incoming jobs from many sources including integration into BCC Software’s Mail Manager family of products, direct FTP upload, and an intuitive job creation wizard included within Track N Trace®. Adding outbound and inbound mail piece tracking integrates easily into any direct mailing workflow. The customizable reports can be run at any time or scheduled for delivery via email or FTP so those that leverage the reports always have the latest information at their fingertips.

Learn more about the power of Track N Trace® by watching the Data Points video below. 

Track N Trace® performs IMb tracing to enhance your mailings with:

  • Predictability to pinpoint delivery dates for tightly coordinated marketing efforts
  • Accountability that allows you to keep tabs on postal performance, and be a watchdog for your clients
  • Visibility that makes the mailstream an "open book," so you can plan mailing jobs for optimum results

Key Benefits:

  • Uses USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode to deliver end-to-end mailpiece tracking and reporting
  • A wide variety of built-in reports creating visibility to inbound and outbound mailings
  • Report data archived and password-protected online, or downloadable into multiple file formats
  • Schedule reports to be sent at to you at your convenience
  • Mailing Summary screen allows for quick insight into mailing performance
  • Drill-down functionality, see piece level detail in seconds
  • Available reseller option allows third-party branding of Track N Trace® to end-user clients
  • Customizable site preferences

Track N Trace® Delivery Confirmation (Outbound Mail)

From the power to identify weak links in the delivery chain, to the ability to predict mailstream patterns for future jobs, the information revealed by mailpiece tracking can improve your business—and the more specific your data, the better. You can form real conclusions—not just assumptions—about the delivery of your jobs.

Full Service ACS Supported

Track N Trace® contains the ability to assist with processing your Full Service ACS™ fulfillment file through BCC Mail Manager. 

Track N Trace® Reporting

Our powerful reporting engine allows you to conveniently check up on the mailstream progress of any job. Updates are posted multiple times daily to BCC Software’s secure servers. A wide variety of download formats for your Track N Trace® reports provide maximum presentation and import flexibility. Track N Trace® allows you to drill down into the reports for more detail helping you to quickly understand what pieces were scanned and at which locations.

Track N Trace® Origin Confirm (Inbound Mail)

Use Origin Confirm to improve the predictability of inbound business reply mailpieces for your First-Class™ mailings. TNT Origin Confirm™ uses the Intelligent Mail barcode, and advanced reporting technology from BCC Software, to track First-Class business reply pieces as they are scanned on their way back through the USPS mail to your business which helps to predict cash flow with a greater degree of certainty, plan collection efforts, streamline inventory management, improve customer service experience, and adjust staffing levels.

Track N Trace Reseller Option

Become a Track N Trace reseller with a branded web site that allows you to provide mail-tracking functionality directly to your customers. Our Service Bureau profile page allows you turn Track N Trace into your company’s landing page by allowing you to modify the look, feel, and contact information for the site.

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How is Track N Trace®/ IMb Tracing different from USPS Tracking™?

USPS Tracking only uses the Intelligent Mail Parcel Barcode® (IMpb®) to track parcels and priority mail. Track N Trace® and IMb Tracing use the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) to track First-Class, Standard, and Periodical letters and flats.

How up-to-date is the scan data I will see in a Track N Trace® report?

The Postal Service posts updated scan data several times per day. BCC Software retrieves these scans and starts processing them as soon as they’re posted by the USPS. This schedule allows continuous updates throughout the most active period of the day for postal processing, and ensures current data for Track N Trace® reports. 

How long after I submit a mailing can the scan data from my mailing be accessed to create a Track N Trace® report?

Data can be accessed for 1 year (365 days) from the date the mailing was entered into the BCC Mail Manager Wizard.

How will Track N Track® Improve my mailings?

 Track N Trace® creates visibility into the path your mail pieces take before they are delivered or returned. A mailpiece is scanned each time it passes through USPS automation equipment. These scans provide a data, time, location, and operation code to Track N Trace®. Once this information is aggregated across a mailing it is easy to identify trends in delivery patterns. Below are a few examples of how Track n Trace® adds value:

Timing and Coordination – Understanding in-home delivery trends for your mailing jobs, you can coordinate more effective timing for mailings as well as follow-up campaigns, telemarketing initiatives and other marketing efforts. Inbound piece measurement can be used to understand the amount of inbound mail and its value. This visibility can be used to improved collection efforts, adjust staffing levels, optimize, lockbox operations, and anticipate cash flow from business reply mail that is returning.

Issue Identification – Proactive customers have used Track N Trace® to identify and demonstrate delivery issues to the U.S. Postal Service and get the mail moving again and in some cases even claim a refund. For inbound business reply TNT lets you know when the check was mailed but is delayed. Customers can even drill down to the facility where that piece was last scanned in order to get the cash moving again. The visibility gained through TNT can even be used to detect fraudulent mail activities.

Mailpiece Ownership – Each time your mailpiece is scanned by the USPS automation equipment provides compelling evidence that the USPS has custody of that piece and exactly where it was last touched. Identifying when the USPS has taken ownership of the mail piece is essential for anyone who uses suppliers in their mailing operations.


Do all my pieces get scans?

Track N Trace® reports on 100% of the scans reported by the USPS. If a mailpiece is not processed on USPS automated equipment or the barcode is not readable by this equipment, the Track N Trace® application will not receive scan data for the mailpiece which will decrease the percent scanned and percent final scan rates. Letter-size mail consistently scans above 90%. Flat-size mail scan rate varies greatly by location due to a number of reasons including:

  • Lack of automation equipment for flats at certain facilities. This is becoming less of a problem as facilities consolidate.
  • The Postal Service does not process flat size mail on automated equipment for 5-digit ZIP Codes that have fewer than ten carrier routes, that do not have sufficient densities to meet automation processing thresholds, or that cannot be processed on automation processing equipment to meet delivery schedule windows. In these situations, the standard operating procedure in the field is to send 5-digit bundles directly to delivery units.

Carrier Route bundles receive lower scan rates because they almost always bypass that automated machinery.

Does Track N Trace® keep track of all of my mail, or only samples?

Track N Trace® aggregates data to show a complete picture of your mail as it flows through automation equipment. We do not recommend sampling with mailpiece tracking as it will reduce many of the benefits of aggregating all the data. If you still wish to sample data that can be done indirectly by limiting the number of pieces that you upload to Track N Trace®.

With which mail classes will Track N Trace® work?

Track N Trace® is compatible with outgoing First-Class, Standard Mail® and Periodical mailings and returning First-Class Business Reply Mail.

What does it cost to use the Track N Trace® service?

Prepaid credits are available for the Track N Trace® service. A credit is defined as an individual mail piece that is requested to be tracked. The more credits you purchase, the lower the cost per thousand. Call 800.337.0442 for additional details.

Who Uses Track N Trace® and why?

Track N Trace® is used by Mail Owner and Mailer Preparers alike to create visibility into the USPS letter and Flat mail stream. Some of the reasons why our customers track mail are below:

Mail Service Providers (Commercial Printers/Letter Shops/Marketing Services)

  • Reseller Site allows the value of TNT to be passed on to your customers with your own branded website.
  • Evidence that the mail was handed off to the USPS
  • Service Bureau Reports that can be used for billing purposes
  • Estimate delivery dates and In-home dates easily for customers
  • Have compelling evidence that can be used to influence a timely resolution to delivery issues.
  • Be proactive to your customer’s by ensuring their mail is being delivered on time.
  • Coordinate multichannel campaign activities around delivery of the mail piece.
  • Understand Delivery patterns for best response.

Call Centers/Collections/Retail

  • Anticipate demand based on mail scans and adjust call center staffing accordingly.
  • Spend less time on the phone with the knowledge that the check is in the mail.
  • Knowing that a notice was delivered is a time saver and removes an excuse for not paying or responding.


  • Drives multichannel activity. Mail piece arrival time drives email, phone, SMS messages, social media and other forms of messaging.
  • Estimate Response rate days ahead of time based on inbound business reply scans.
  • Precisely predict delivery times based on historical trends as well as in-home dates.
  • Banks, Financial Institutions, Retailers, Education Institutions, etc…
  • Protect your mail piece asset with visibility into when and where the mail piece entered and exited the USPS.
  • Optimize Lockbox operations by seeing remittance pieces as they travel to the box
  • Predict cash flow by seeing the value of the mail coming back

What reports does Track N Trace® offer?

Track n Trace® offers a summary dashboard for a quick overview of all your jobs and ability to drill down into them for detailed granularity. Track n Trace® also provides detailed reports that can be used to increase the visibility into your mail piece travels. Some of the more common reports are below:

  • Destination Job Reports for tracking outbound mail
    o by ZIP, State, Date, NDC, SCF, and US Map
    o Mailing and Shipment Information
  • Destination Performance Reports for tracking outbound mail
    o Delivery Barcode Scan Summary
    o Delivery Exception
    o Delivery Statistics
    o Delivery Summary
    o Delivery Performance Map
  • Mailing Summary of both outbound and incoming mail
  • Origin Reports for tracking incoming mail
    o Inbound Late Returns
    o Inbound Lost Mailpieces
    o Inbound Mail Piece Summary
    o What’s in the Mail Details
  • Data Exports of Scan data and mail piece data to allow for creating customized reporting.