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Track N Trace®: Custom Mailer ID (MID) Tracking Option

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Combine your custom MID with our powerful postal creation software reliable tracking solution to maximize postal discounts while monitoring your investment!

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What is a Mailer ID?

The Mailer ID (MID) is a six or nine digit numeric identification number assigned by the USPS® to a Mail Owner or Mailing Agent based on annual volumes. A Mailer ID:

      • Is a required component in all Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMB)
      • Identifies the Mail Owner or Mailing Agent
      • Allows delegated parties to receive data feeds

This new feature gives users a tool to manage their MID assignments in Track N Trace® and perform serialization directly in BCC Mail Manager™.

What is a “Custom MID”?

Today, Track N Trace uses BCC Software MIDs for all IV-based mailpiece tracking. With the new “TNT Custom MIDs” option, you can use your own MIDs for IV-based mailpiece tracking.

Mailpiece creation and tracking with a custom MID

In cases where the USPS recommends a custom MID be used, customers who are using both BCC Mail Manager and TNT™ will be able to easily serialize and track mailings using a custom MID in one simple workflow.

MID Management is handled in the TNT website, where you can enter and manage “MID Groupings” – which are a group of MIDs used for the same mailings, with rollover properties. All MIDs and grouping values are entered on the TNT Website.

BCC Software always has your scorecard integrity in mind. Our feature ensures that MID customization and risks are properly balanced. Our updated file encryption means your information is kept secure when transferring data.

Custom MID groupings set up in Track N Trace can be selected within the TNT Wizard in Mail Manager. The selected MID or Group of MIDs are then used to create tracking barcodes for your mailing job.

Our 45 uniqueness enforcement and validation helps ensure your mailings are serialized properly and easily trackable while preserving your scorecard integrity. BCC Software’s team of 100% USPS® Mailpiece Design certified support professionals are always here to assist you with your needs.

Seamless Integration – A preview

Terms and Conditions:
  1. The Mailer ID (MID) must be properly delegated to BCC Software through the USPS Informed Visibility.
  2. Track N Trace MID management features are available only in conjunction with Mail Manager or Mail Manager Full Service.
  3. Clients are advised to obtain or utilize a unique MID for entry within the Track N Trace MID Management feature. After this MID has been entered in Track N Trace, choose the newly added MID in the Mail Manager Custom MID Wizard.
  4. If using a custom MID in Track N Trace that was previously sequenced in Mail Manager, ensure the MID is not associated with mailing dates within the past 45 days.
  5. If using a MID already being tracked in Mail Manager, TNT Custom MID management functionality will neither increment the serial number used by the MID nor inherit the associated offset values.
  6. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that unique barcodes are assigned to mail pieces when using TNT custom MIDs within Mail Manager.
  7. The TNT Custom MID management feature requires a stable internet connection.
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