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Transition to Track N Trace® (TNT™)

December 03, 2019

BCC Software is dedicated to bringing our customers expanded technology and personal support to make sure they have the right tools to succeed in this ever-evolving industry. In keeping with this promise, we are pleased to announce EasyTrack® Complete users will be transitioning to Track N Trace (TNT) for their mail tracking reporting and data needs on or around January 1st, 2020.  All customers will continue to have access to USPS® Informed Visibility® data through Track N Trace, empowering users with Intelligent mailpiece tracking for a smarter and more effective business.

EasyTrack Complete users can look forward to utilizing Track N Trace’s powerful reporting capabilities to evaluate their existing mailings without any special effort. The last 60 days of mailing activity for each EasyTrack Complete user will be imported into Track N Trace and available immediately for reporting. These reports help you and your customers gain visibility into the mailstream, driving better performance across business operations. From the power to identify weak links in the delivery chain to the ability to predict mailstream patterns, the information revealed by mailpiece tracking can improve your business— and the more specific your data, the better. Bulk Mailer Business and Bulk Mailer Architect customers will receive additional TNT features for an improved user experience at no additional cost. Customer sites may be branded with subscriber’s company logo, signature colors, and key contract information.  A new URL will be required; the extension will be ‘trackntrace.com’. To take advantage of these features, please fill out the form at https://bccsoftware.com/go/tnt-reseller-form/

Look forward for additional communication from BCC Software with more details about the switchover in the coming weeks. For any immediate questions, please contact support at (800) 624-5234

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