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What Can We Expect From the 2012 Rate Adjustments? Part III

My two previous posts discussed the expected and unexpected elements to the 2012 Consumer Pricing Index increase. Now I would like explain how I think this may affect you and how Bell and Howell will help you through these changes.

What All of This Means to Our Customers

In the end, the adjustments in any rate case are going to be unique to each mailer because each mailing is unique. I assure you that we will be by your side to help you adjust to any impact these rates may have on your operations. We will also be here to help you leverage the potential of offerings such as the Second Ounce Free program. And, as always, one thing our customers can continue to count on is our dedication and our deliverance of rate case ready technology in order to make each mailpiece count.

You can learn more about the 2012 Rate Changes by reviewing the BCC Solutions November eBulletin.  Read this article in its entirety on the BCC Solutions web site.