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Why Integrate Your Print and Mail Optimization Software? Big Savings

August 04, 2021

This is a guest article from Solimar Systems, a valued BCC Software partner.

Frequent readers of the BCC Software eBulletin won’t be surprised that Solimar Systems and BCC Software have been working together for years. Announced as a strategic partnership in 2015, this relationship has produced compelling results for our common customers. As August marks the return of the 2021 Information Exchange conference, we wanted to share a success story that makes a case for integrating your mailing optimization solution with your print workflow software and processes. The savings are eye-opening.

For this edition, our focus turns to a mutual customer: Mail Communications Group (MCG)MCG is a communications company founded in 1987 as a mailing presort company. Today, they offer a comprehensive range of print and mail services with locations in four states. As a service-rich print and mail and digital delivery outsource provider, staying competitive is important—and one of the ways MCG delivers competitive offerings to their clients is by streamlining their processes.

MCG leverages both the Solimar Chemistry™ Platform and BCC Software solutions. Shayne Houston, CEO of Mail Communications Group, told us in a recent interview:

“By integrating Solimar with the BCC Software, we are able to create a dynamic solution to perform householding, address standardization and move updates – both requirements of the USPS, as well as preprocessing functions.  All of this and more helps to save our customers money, improve delivery, and aids our organization in meeting SLAs.”

Shayne further explained that the MCG mailing processes cover a wide range of services:

“We have a full gamut of different processes like CASS™ , NCOA®, Certified Mail®, IMB®, Remit IMB, and Informed Visibility.” 

For MCG, there are many advantages of having robust and high-performance workflow and postal optimization solutions. When you bring them together, the impact on the print and mail environment is not only measurable but strategic—lifting business operations and opportunities.

To get the most out of these programs, MCG integrated their Solimar workflow software solutions with mailing solutions from BCC Software mailing solutions to achieve a cavalcade of day-to-day advantages. They include:

  • A standard data layout from Solimar
  • A standard BCC Software database template
  • Automation that is controlled by a config file per submitter
  • Standardization of BCC Software return data
  • Recombining of original data and processed data
  • Householding or grouping during processing

These advantages build the infrastructure that allows MCG to optimize their process and accelerate their turnaround times for their clients. After crunching the numbers, MCG achieved over 21 hours of time savings per week using the Solimar and BCC Software solution integration. The savings grow to over 1100 hours across an entire year and is in addition to the postal savings and other business benefits achieved by streamlining processes. Shayne shared why this is so important:

“The time savings equates to about half of a person or up to about $30,000 per year just for this area of our process automation and optimization.” 

In the current era of print, mail, and digital communications, we believe these strategic and impactful solution implementations are key to staying competitive, growing your business, and providing a standout customer experience. MCG is just one great example of how workflow and postal solutions can come together to drive business benefits. For more examples, be sure to review a few of our previous BCC Software newsletter articles, such as:

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The Solimar team had a great experience at the BCC Software 2021 Information Exchange in Rochester, New York this past August. During the event, we gained an even better understanding of BCC Software users’ print and mail environments, how BCC Software is being used and how Solimar may add bottom-line results for your organization. Join the growing number of BCC Software customers who are finding a competitive edge through integrated workflow and postal solutions.

Weren’t able to attend 2021 Information Exchange? No problem! Be sure to reach out to your BCC Software Representative to start your exploration into time and cost savings.

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