Customized Market Mail

Customized mailpieces made simple and affordable.

Option Overview

Creative mailpiece design can drive response and help your jobs stand out among the competition. Add Customized Market Mail to your BCC Mail Manager-equipped operation and unlock the power of customized mail.

When it comes to designing mailpieces that truly stand out, the more creative the better – as long as the production of those creative mailing jobs doesn't grind your operations to a halt. BCC Mail Manager and BCC Mail Manager Full Service solutions can support the USPS® Customized MarketMail® subclass, and eliminate time-consuming manual processing while still providing the available automation discounts and generating all necessary postal documents.

With BCC Software's Customized Market Mail (CMM) feature—optional for BCC Mail Manager, and standard with BCC Mail Manager Full Service—it's now easy to process and claim USPS® discounts for jobs containing non-traditional pieces: die-cuts, non-rectangular shapes, dimensional pieces, and more. You'll be able to reach recipients with unique messages and formats that break through the marketing clutter.

Option Features

  • Increases efficiency and productivity when processing jobs in the USPS® Customized MarketMail® subclass
  • Eliminates manual processing and custom mailpiece fees associated with CMM jobs
  • Automatically generates necessary postage documentation
  • Fully integrated with BCC Mail Manager and BCC Mail Manager Full Service software