Track N Trace Reseller Option

24/7 IMb Tracing™ reporting functionality in a secure, worry-free Web-based interface.

Option Overview

Give your customers access to USPS® IMb Tracing® reporting technology and USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode data through the Track N Trace Reseller Site option. Designed for mailers who process mailings for their clients, the Track N Trace Reseller Site is a stand-alone website customized with your logo and a personalized color scheme. Direct your customers to the site and allow them to see where their mailings are in the delivery chain.

Option Features

  • Amplifies functionality of BCC Software’s prepaid Track N Trace mailpiece tracking service using the USPS® IMb Tracing® product (sold separately)
  • Offers secure end-user access to essential USPS® IMb Tracing® delivery data
  • Customizable site may be branded with subscriber’s company logo, signature colors, and key contact information
  • Reseller Site URL link may be added to existing company Web site