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Cover Your Assets with Track N Trace®

Jan 9, 2023

Anyone who prepares and submits mailings on behalf of a mail owner knows that poor delivery performance is bad for business. Failed, delayed, or rejected mail will result in unhappy customers, higher costs, and wasted time for the mailer. The mail piece and the message it conveys are important assets to most mailers and their customers. Let Track N Trace create the visibility necessary to cover your assets now and in the future.

The USPS® provides scan data each time the mail piece passes through their automation equipment. Track N Trace makes sense of this data and arms the mailer with information that shows a machine-level chain of custody for each scanned mail piece. As many mailers already know, tracking this chain of custody gives the mailer the ability to take action to identify and resolve delivery problems before the impact on customers become too costly.

Below is a screenshot of the Mailings Summary in Track N Trace. Can you identify the potential problems with these mailings?

% ON Time – Several of the mailings appear not to be meeting the USPS service standards.
% Scanned – One mailing above has pieces that are either bypassing scanning equipment or were never entered.
% Final Scan – One mailing above only received 25.1% final scans.

Track N Trace provides aggregated views of delivery performance, as well as the ability to drill down to a specific facility and then again to an individual mail piece. Through this visibility, mailers can uncover all sorts of valuable insight that they can use to proactively troubleshoot issues. Every time a mail piece passes through the USPS automation equipment, an operational code or scan code is generated. Using this scan data, Track N Trace makes it easy to see what machine last had custody of the mail piece and what problem might be preventing or delaying delivery or reply.

Being able to demonstrate to your customers where their mail is at any given time provides them with the comfort of knowing that the mail is on its way and will likely arrive in the defined delivery window for that campaign. It also gives you the ability to ensure that all of the logistics pieces in play have met expectations and have entered the mail into the USPS mailstream successfully. Real time Individual piece lookups can help customer service agents explain where mail is at any given time and also explain why mail may have been delayed, possibly due to a forwarding issue prompting the caller to provide a change of address right there over the phone. 


Today many mailers use Track N Trace to proactively identify problems and help keep the mail moving forward. Keeping the mail piece visible as it travels through the postal supply chain is critical to protecting this most important asset to mailers and your customers.

Track N Trace, BCC Software’s service for IMb Tracing, channels this technology to provide unbeatable mailpiece intelligence and reporting. Track N Trace offers extremely powerful reporting capabilities that leverage mailpiece scan data for both outbound and inbound mail. These reports help you and your customers gain visibility into the mailstream and driving better performance across business operations.

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