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Tech Tip: Secure Destruction Service Supported

February 02, 2015

With the release of BCC Mail Manager™ Version, the new USPS® Secure Destruction services available with the Intelligent Mail® barcode are fully supported. Using this new service, mailers can opt out of receiving what would be “return-to-sender” mail, and have it securely disposed of instead. This service is only currently available for First-ClassTM Letter mail, and is geared towards health services and financial mailings. To participate in the program, a mailer must be using Full Service ACS™, OneCode ACS®, or Traditional ACS with an IMb™ on the mailpiece. They must register with the USPS before using the service, so that their ACS return data is accurately routed.

Once a mailer is registered, the service can be accessed in Mail Manager by using the Intelligent Mail barcode properties. Secure Destruction is available for Basic Non-Auto Service with Traditional or One Code ACS Change Services, and for Full Service mailings using Traditional and Full-Service ACS Change Services. The service is available only when running a First-Class Mail®, letter presort, or by selecting ‘First-Class Mail’ from the ‘Mail Class/Piece Type’ section of the ‘Intelligent Mail barcode Properties’ window in the Mail Manager Label Designer. When the ‘Services:’ selected include Full Service, Traditional ACS Change Service Requested and Secure Destruction, the Ancillary Service Endorsement box must also be selected.

This new service allows mailers to save on return and handling fees, while also reducing volume and processing for the Post Office™. With the added enhancements in our latest release, the functionality is available for BCC Mail Manager users to begin using immediately. If you have any questions on these new IMb services, please contact Customer Support at 800.624.5234.

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