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Optimize Time Sensitive In-home Mailings

Do Something! Action #4:
Optimize Time Sensitive In-home Mailings

This is one of the five actions of the BCC Software Do Something! initiative.

Action 4/5

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Multichannel marketing demands specifically timed arrival of mailpieces, and with USPS® network enhancements changing dynamically, mail tracking is essential. By strategically inducting mail into the USPS network and using a post-presort logistics planning solution, you can further reduce postage and have greater control for in-home delivery of time sensitive mailings. So, Do Something! to increase mail visibility and optimize your time sensitive mailings.

Let’s look at three approaches to optimize mail pieces using good, better, and best actions.

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Using Mail Tracking Services is a Good Way to Ensure Timely Delivery

To ensure timely delivery of your time sensitive mailings, track mail pieces from USPS® induction to a final scan event. Mail tracking services like BCC’s Track N Trace® offer accountability, visibility, and predictability of mailpiece arrival and equips users with valuable USPS Informed Visibility® data. This level of data allows mailers to strategically time digital complementary messaging to enhance campaign efficacy.

Strategic Mail Induction is a Better Way to Control time Sensitive Mailings

Strategically induct mail into the dynamically changing USPS network to gain destination entry discounts and control time sensitive mailings. Manage destination entry of mail using an Less than Truckload (LTL) service provider. Partnering with an LTL provider offers flexibility to mailers who want to enhance their supply chain logistics by enabling frequent and cost-effective shipments. This approach should be complemented by a mail tracking system which can provide dashboards, reports, data exports, and automated schedules to gain visibility into delivery statistics. Mailers can customize reporting by integrating LTL data or proprietary data with tracking records via user-defined fields, providing a clearer view of campaign ROI.

Use A Post-presort Logistics Planning Solution for the Best Way to Optimize Mail Timing

A post-presort logistics planning solution like DAT-MAIL™ leverages Mail.dat® to consolidate mailings for additional presort discounts and maximize destination entry discounts for commingled shipments of multiple mailings.

High volume mailers can take advantage of the tracking data using a custom Mailer ID for greater data control and reduced risk of mailer scorecard issues.

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