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Refresh Your Knowledge on the Steps for Adding or Renewing PAFs

December 03, 2018

BCC Software’s Data Marketing Services (DMS) team has been receiving many questions from customers regarding the necessary steps for submitting Process Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs), so we wanted to take the opportunity to break down the different steps for submitting an ePAF vs a hardcopy PAF.

The ePAF (electronic) is a paperless option for adding and/or renewing a PAF in our system. There are many benefits for opting to use ePAF, such as:

  • ePAFs can be created/added without creating a job through PAF Management
  • 24/7 self-service: PAF Management can be accessed through BCC Mail Manager™ and the BCC Software Customer Portal at anytime
  • List Owner & Broker Agent/List Admin details can be edited and/or confirmation e-mails can be resent without cancelling pre-existing jobs

When using the ePAF option, ePAF confirmation emails are sent to all parties specified on the PAF. In order to confirm the email, the recipient will be required to click on a link and follow a few simple steps. Once all parties have confirmed their email, the PAF status will change from Pending Signature to Valid. NCOALink® jobs can be submitted using a Pending Signature and/or a Valid ePAF. However, the job will not auto process until the ePAF has a status of Valid. With that said, when selecting a PAF to be used with an NCOALink job, please verify the status to prevent any unexpected delays.

Hardcopy PAFs are our paper option for adding/or renewing PAFs. When using this method, the PAF form needs to be completed by all parties, and then faxed/emailed to DMS. Things to keep in mind when submitting hardcopy PAFs:

  • Hardcopy PAFs can only be added with creating a NCOALink job. Our system uses the job properties to write the List Owner & Broker Agent/List Admin details into the NCOALink log. When creating the first NCOALink job for a PAF, on the List Processing Wizard – Choose PAF screen, select Add a new PAF > Hardcopy PAF and proceed
  • Hardcopy PAFs can only be added/renewed during business hours
  • List Owner & Broker Agent/List Admin details can be edited by resubmitting the NCOALink job with the updated information. Any pre-existing jobs can’t be changed and would need to be cancelled

Please contact Data Marketing Services at 800-337-0372 with any additional questions.

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