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Industry Corner is a unique podcast that dissects and discusses what’s going on in the postal industry, and what it means for you.

Each episode, you’ll hear industry expert and past MTAC chair Chris Lien, BCC Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs, break down industry topics, explain the current state of the industry, and what it means for your business. At BCC Software, we're dedicated to bringing knowledge to our listeners to help you stay informed in this every-evolving industry.

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Episode 59 - 9/22/2022

On today’s podcast, I discuss some highlights of the annual Household Diary Study, the USPS recently published a preview of what we can expect in the January 2023 price change, and we are heading into a busy fall mailing season with a lot of industry activity.

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Episode 58 - 7/22/2022

On today’s podcast, I recap the many changes since the last podcast including a decision, or actually lack
of one, from the Supreme Court on future USPS pricing, a preview of PMG DeJoy’s vision for the largest
overhaul of mail processing in decades, and the “aftershocks” from the July 10 price increase.
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Episode 57 - 6/17/2022

On today’s podcast, I recap the National Postal Forum, a recent Postcom Study Day meeting, and the industry braces for uncomfortable price increases as inflation continues climb to its highest rate in forty years.
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Episode 56 - 5/18/2022

Chris discusses this year’s National Postal Forum, USPS market competitive price increases, and we now have a fully seated USPS Board of Governors.
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Episode 55 - 4/29/2022

Chris discusses the postal reform legislation has finally been signed into law, and he recap the April MTAC meetings, and the USPS files for another significant price increase for July 10, 2022.
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Episode 54 - 2/16/2022

Chris discusses the details of H.R. 3076, the postal reform legislation that has recently passed in the House of Representatives and what this legislation would mean for the United States Postal Service and the mailing industry.
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Episode 53 - 1/24/2022

Chris recaps the January MTAC meetings, talks about the Board of Governor’s brief meeting on January 12, and makes some predictions about the July price increase now that the USPS is beginning a more frequent cadence of price adjustments as part of their Delivering for America Plan.
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Episode 52 - 11/30/2021

Chris recaps the recent DTAC meetings, and discusses some upcoming changes to the USPS Board of Governors.
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Episode 51 - 11/15/2021

Chris recaps the November MTAC meetings, the Board of Governor’s meeting on November 10, and the USPS market competitive pricing for 2022 that if approved by the PRC would go into effect on January 9, 2022.
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Episode 50 - 10/25/2021

Chris recaps the recent Postcom Study Day including remarks from PMG Louis DeJoy, the GAO has a new primer on the USPS, and an early update on service performance as we head into peak mailing season.
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Episode 49 - 9/20/2021

Chris discusses the Oral Arguments from the DC District Court hearing on September 13, 2021, a recently published white paper from the OIG on service standards, and the USPS proactive approach to scheduled and somewhat predictable future price increases.
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Episode 48 - 9/1/2021

Chris discusses the August 29 price increase, resources to combat cybersecurity, and some upcoming industry events you don’t want to miss.
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Episode 47 - 8/17/2021

Chris discusses the recent USPS Board of Governors meeting, temporary package price increases for the 2021 holidays, and some recent changes to the MTAC charter.
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Episode 46 - 7-26-2021

Chris provides some highlights from the recently published Household Diary Study, recaps the June MTAC meetings, and provides an update on the August USPS price adjustments.
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Episode 45 - 6-28-2021

Chris discusses the mid-year USPS price increase, new members of the Board of Governors, progress in Congress toward meaningful postal legislation, and a recent report from the USPS Office of the Inspector General.
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Episode 44 - 3-25-2021

Chris recaps the USPS® Delivering for America Ten-Year Plan that speaks to how the USPS will reverse the projected $160 billion loss over the next ten years.
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Episode 43 - 3-8-2021

Chris recaps the House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing held on February 24, 2021, discusses the three new Presidentially appointed Governors for the USPS, and provides an update on a potential mid-year USPS price increase
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Episode 42 - 2-22-2021

Recent changes at the USPS Board Of Governors, clarification as to what President Biden can and cannot do with regards to the PMG and members of the Board of Governors, a review of the recent service performance scores and reported revenue from the USPS fiscal quarter 1, speculation on the potential of another round of price increases for 2021
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Episode 41 - 12-11-2020

An overview and commentary on the Postal Regulatory Commission’s 10-year review of the USPS Pricing Authority as part of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act published on November 30, 2020
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Episode 40 - 11-2-2020

USPS 2021 price increases, Proposed incentive for Seamless Acceptance, Topics to be discussed at November MTAC, and the 2021 Next Generation Campaign Award.
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Episode 39 - 8-19-2020

Chris clarifies information and misinformation about the Postal Service, the Postmaster General, congressional oversight, and vote-by-mail.
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Episode 38 - 5-11-2020

A review of the USPS Q2 fiscal results, I share information from a recent GAO report on the Postal Service’s business model, and comments about the 75th Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy.
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Episode 37 - 4-20-2020

A recap of the recent MTAC meeting, an update on the impact on the mailing industry from COVID-19, thoughts and tips on staying essential during the pandemic.
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Episode 36 - 3-2-2020

Guest Mark Fallon, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Berkshire Company joins us to discuss the importance of workflow automation and mailing industry education, we’ll also review the results of the 2019 USPS® Promotions and discuss the latest in Informed Delivery® and Informed Addressing.
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Episode 35 - 1-20-2020

Highlights from the US Postal Service’s Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report to Congress.
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Episode 34 - 1-06-2020

A Postal Regulatory Commission order proposing expanding pricing authority for the United States Postal Service, a nomination by the President for another Board of Governors member, a Postal Regulatory Commission semi-decision regarding 2020 price increases for first-class letters.
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Episode 33 - 11-11-2019

Recap of the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meetings held in Washington, DC in October 2019
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Episode 32 - 10-28-2019

The recently filed USPS proposed price increases for 2020, how a major software provider prepares for this annual update, recap two major announcements
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Episode 31 - 10-14-2019

The outcome of the UPU Congress, an update from the PostCom meetings, and recapping PCC week
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Episode 30 - 9-30-2019

An update from the Postal Regulatory Commission, a recent decision from the D.C. District Court regarding the $.05 price increase earlier this year, an alert from the Postal Service regarding the Informed Delivery Promotion
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Episode 29 - 9-16-2019

MTAC Recap Part 2 – An update to seamless acceptance, more USPS organizational changes, concerns regarding the United States withdrawing from the Universal Postal Union
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Episode 28 - 9-3-2019

MTAC Recap Part 1 – General session with Postmaster General, financial and informed delivery updates, the vice chair election results
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Episode 27 - 8-19-2019

Recap of 2019 Information Exchange User Conference, an update on the Board of Governors and Postal Regulatory Commission confirmations, highlights from Board of Governors meeting as well as 2019 Household Diary Study highlights
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Episode 26 - 8-5-2019

Highlights from the July 16th Senate confirmation hearings, Changes in USPS senior leadership, and upcoming industry events including a Board of Governor meeting on August 8th, 2019
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Episode 25 - 7-22-2019

Further info about 2020 pricing, legislative update on the Board of Governors and the Postal Regulatory Commission, the Postal Service’s 10-year plan and labor negotiations, and comments about mail.dat and the Idealliance Association
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Episode 24 - 7-8-2019

More details on USPS 2020 pricing, and the potential withdrawal of the United States from the Universal Postal Union
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Episode 23 - 6-24-2019

We discuss the June MTAC meeting, including comments from the PMG, some concerns about Informed Delivery, and a greater focus on address quality address change service
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Episode 22 - 6-10-2019

We discuss the 2020 price update from Steve Phelps at a recent meeting, an update on Seamless Acceptance and enterprise payment systems, legislative update, and concerns around Informed Delivery
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Episode 21 - 5-28-2019

A recap of the National Postal Forum, Review the House hearing that took place on April 30th, and discuss a flurry of postal legislation currently being proposed
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Episode 20 - 4-29-2019

The annual compliance determination, USPS final decision on marketing mail content, and a recent OIG white paper on mail mix and recipient reactions
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Episode 19 - 4-15-2019

We talk about the recent USPS initiatives including Seamless Acceptance, EPS, and Informed Delivery as well as talk about the 2019 trade show season

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Episode 18 - 4-1-2019

We talk about the recent activities with the Board of Governors and recap the Senate hearing on the President’s Task Force released in December 2018
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Episode 17 - 3-18-2019

We talk about the latest from The Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), The National Postal Policy Council, And some changes at USPS Leadership
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Episode 16 - 3-4-2019

We talk about The 2019 Idealliance Postal Exchange Conference, topics included: the shape of the mail supply chain 2-3 years from now, mail preparation and intelligent worksharing, and using data to drive a healthier supply chain
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Episode 15 - 2-18-2019

We talk about the first quarter financial results for 2019 and highlights for the recent PostCom meeting
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Episode 14 - 2-4-2019

We talk about BCC Software’s recent acquisition of Satori Software, USPS Leadership Changes, the Latest on Informed Delivery, and Promotions for 2019
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Episode 13 - 1-21-2019

We talk about our predictions for 2019 centered around 7 topics in the postal industry.
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Episode 12 - 1-07-2019

We talk about the United States Postal Service Board of Governors and a luncheon where Governor Williams talked about the strengths and challenges for the USPS.
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Episode 11 - 12-24-2018

We discuss the President’s Task Force and the USPS and the initial reaction from the mailing industry.
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Episode 10 - 12-10-2018

In this episode we recap the November Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meetings in Washington DC.
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Episode 9 - 11-26-2018

In this episode we discuss the latest from Washington, DC in the wake of the post mid-term elections, A decision by the Board of Governors that will impact the price adjustments for 2019, and an overview of the 2019 promotions and the exciting opportunities they present for mailers and the mailing industry.
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Episode 8 - 11-12-2018

In this episode we discuss how the industry is beginning to unpack all the price changes for 2019, as well as some of the key points that the new Board of Governor David Williams made at a recent PostCom meeting.
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Episode 7 - 10-29-2018

In this episode we talk about the 2019 planned price changes (expected and unexpected) and perhaps some signals to the industry, we also talk about the 2019 Promotions.
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Episode 6 - 10-15-2018

This week we talk about the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), what was discussed during the meetings and what was not discussed, we’ll talk about Pricing, Promotions, and Opportunities for Address Quality.
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Episode 5 - 10-01-2018

We talk about PCC Week, an update on the Board of Governors, a preview of promotions for 2019, CPI for 2019 and what that means for postage pricing, and recommendations from the Office of the Inspector General on curbing fraudulent Changes of Address.
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Episode 4 - 09-17-2018

Announcements from USPS® HQ, Newly Confirmed Board of Governors, Industry Feedback on limiting of Marketing Mail, Compliance+ and Address Quality.
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Episode 3 - 09-04-2018

News about Board of Governors Confirmations, an update on the President’s Postal Task Force, and how Millennials are changing the way marketers are leveraging data to communicate to their customers.
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Episode 2 - 08-20-2018

Keeping an Eye on CPI – The Consumer Price Index and the impact on postage, the Board of Governors nominations, and an update on the President’s Postal Task Force.
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Episode 1 - 08-06-2018

In this episode we talk about what’s going on with the President’s Task force, House Bill HR6076, and finally, the Opioid Epidemic and the Stop Act, and what that means to postal customers.
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