BCC Ignite

BCC Ignite helps Service Providers revolutionize their businesses by taking advantage of efficiency gains that improve how their customer data is processed.

BCC Ignite helps Service Providers revolutionize their businesses by taking advantage of efficiency gains that improve how their customer data is processed.

The result? They’re getting more jobs out the door faster and growing their business. Now it’s your turn.

Out with the old:

  • Reduce dependency on outdated legacy systems, hand-coding and scripting
  • Eliminate redundant software tools and manual data processing efforts
  • Reduce risk of error

In with the new:

  • Take on new clients and projects without adding resources
  • Expand your offering
  • Maximize postal discounts and reduce costs
  • Deepen client relationships
  • On-board new employees quickly
  • Grow your business

Drive efficiency, transform your business

Identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your current processes is a great first step toward reinventing your business and gaining a competitive advantage. Ignite streamlines processes to drive efficiency, and provides the opportunity for low cost growth.

Customers are already taking advantage of these benefits and more with Ignite:

  • Increase mail processing capacity by over 40%
  • Reduce data processing time by up to 99%
  • Automate and expand analysis of entry planning


“Ignite allows us to do the impossible. We wouldn’t have been able to complete all of these new projects and could never have brought them in-house without it.”
— Mike Dooley, Vice President of Production, St. Joseph’s Indian School


Eliminate legacy systems and manual processes

Ignite enables you to contain costs by optimizing distribution, eliminating complex coding knowledge and maintenance, and streamlining processes that require the most time.

Eliminating labor-intensive manual processes gives you the opportunity to reallocate valuable resources to new projects and increase revenue-generating activities. Ignite’s intuitive user interface and automated, reusable workflows makes on-boarding new employees easy.

Drive new revenue

Ignite is proven to reduce data processing time by up to 99%, providing you with the capacity and resources required to take on a higher volume of more sophisticated jobs, net new business, and offer new value-added services to your customers including data correction and enrichment.

Easy integration

BCC Ignite integrates seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure to expand your mailing functions from address validation and correction to presort, post presort, and enrichment.


“Ignite is an integral part of our day-to-day operations and success. Without the integration of the program into our own applications, we would not be able to process the volume of files with our current solution.”
—Cole Webber, IT Administrator, Church Budget Envelope


Data Enrichment

Access BCC Software Data Services to achieve:

  • Improved delivery rates and increased visibility
  • Address Validation
  • Apartment Append
  • Move Update
  • ECOA
  • Walk Sequence
  • Reverse Phone Append
  • Easy Track

Improved email communications

  • Email Validation
  • Email Append
  • Reach customers by phone or SMS
  • Phone Validation
  • Phone Append
  • Phone Information

High-precision targeting

  • Head of Household
  • Centroid Geocoding
  • Address-Level Geocoding
  • Suppression Suite (Deceased, Incarcerated, Do Not Mail)
  • Do Not Call
  • Do Not Email
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