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Tech Tip: Getting the most from your ARS Return Job

December 02, 2014

The purpose of Address Resolution Service (ARS) is to attempt to resolve addresses that cannot be DPV®-confirmed through CASS™ encoding, due to incomplete or incorrect data.  ARS will try to correct both primary and secondary address information, allowing more addresses to be DPV confirmed.

Since ARS may need to append or correct delivery address and/or city information, we highly recommend that Standardize Delivery Address and Standardize City are selected when the return job is processed.  Without these options selected, the delivery address and city in your list will not be updated with the resolved address information found during ARS processing.

These two options can be found either when creating the job or processing the return job.

  • When creating the job, on Page 9 of the BCC Mail Manager Data Services Wizard, use the Send the file via the Internet and process the return job Click the Options button, and select Standardize delivery address and Standardize city.
  • When manually processing the ARS return job, go to Postal>Data Services> Process Return Job. Select the job file, click Open. Go to Options, and select Standardize delivery address and Standardize city.

By selecting these two options, you can be assured that all of the resolved address information from the ARS process will be written back into your list.

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