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Updated NCOALink Processing Acknowledgement Forms

Updated NCOALink® Processing Acknowledgement Forms (PAFs) are now available with our new business name, BCC Software LLC. The USPS® has required that we begin using this PAF immediately. We understand the impact this may cause and have a transition period to minimize the disruption this may cause to your business. Until December 31st, we will continue to accept PAFs with the former company name, Bell and Howell LLC. After December 31st, we will require the new company name, BCC Software LLC, on all PAFs. List owners with a valid PAF on file will not have to use the new PAF until their expiration date. You can see the PAFs we have on file for your company on the BCC Customer Portal.

You can find the PAF in the Data Marketing Services section of the Customer Portal. If you have installed the October BCC Mail Manager update, you can also access it by clicking Postal > Data Services > Print NCOALink Processing Acknowledgement Form.

If you have any questions, please contact Data Marketing Services at 800. 337.0372.