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Tech Tip: The Importance of Updating Presort Tables

July 29, 2016

If you have signed up for the Update Notification thread on the BCC Software Customer Portal User Forum you are getting emails informing you that there is a new Table Update available. Just in case you have forgotten, each table affects a different aspect of your Presort Data. As a reminder of what each of the tables do:

Labeling Lists: (monthly) The USPS Labeling List tables provide active, originating 3- and 5-Digit ZIP Code data along with their destination locations for labeling purposes. The Labeling Lists are used in all bundle, tray, and pallet creation and labeling for delivery.

Zones: (monthly) The Zone table is used in determining the distance that a mailpiece travels based on the ZIP Code where the mailpiece enters the mail stream (origin) to the facility that delivers the piece to its final destination. Postage rates for certain classes and pieces types of mail are based on mailpiece weight, presort level, and the distance a mailpiece travels.

Mail Direction: (monthly) Mail Direction is used for default drop entry points and redirections. It takes into account several different data elements including mail characteristics, discount level, and destination ZIP Code. The Mail Direction file is what assigns the information for PS Form 8125 and Qualification Report for DDU, SCF, NDC, or FSS destination presorts.

City/State: (monthly) The City/State portion of the City/State product is a comprehensive list of ZIP Codes and the city, county, and post office names associated with those ZIP Codes. This can be used for scheming during presorting.

Early Warning System (EWS): (weekly) Provides information on new addresses that have not yet been added to the ZIP + 4 database.

To see which set of Presort Tables are currently active in your Mail Manager installation, you can click on the green ‘Presort Tables expires…’ section of your encoding status bar. The subsequent window lists the current default tables being used, as well as their effective and expiration dates.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for one of the Update Notification Forums on the Customer Portal (https://portal.bccsoftware.com/forum/Default.aspx). When an update is available, an email is generated and sent to you.

As always, if you have any questions please contact Customer Support department at 1 800.624.5234. We are here to help!

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