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Do Something! Actions to Proactively Address Strategic Postal Changes

Reduce Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) Mail

Over three billion mail pieces annually are treated as waste or returned to sender*. Using a good, better, best approach, reduce undeliverable and returned mail and improve response rates.


Avoid wasted mailings with resources like correction, industry, and suppression data.

Increase Mail value with USPS® promotions

Postage rates are forecast to increase by 10% to 15% in the next 12 to 18 months. The USPS® offers promotional discounts of 3% to 6% based on various ways to enhance the value of the mail piece, and combining the high touch of mail with high-tech you can achieve response rates of 10% or more!


Taking advantage of USPS® promotions to save you— and your customers- money.

Automate Your Mailing Workflow

Reduce manual efforts, backlogs, bottlenecks, and overtime by automating postal workflows using rules-based processes and software.


Take the first step; every automation you make reduces errors and speeds workflow.

Optimize Time Sensitive In-home Mailings

Track and manage time sensitive and in-home mailings, strategically leveraging USPS® network changes by using a post-presort logistics planning solution.


Don’t risk the DFA plan impacting mail sortation and delivery times. Use tracking software.

Mitigate Mailer Scorecard Mishaps

Proactively monitor mailer scorecard errors to avoid expensive penalties and mitigate assessments or mail acceptance issues.


Avoid an expensive assessment. Use a monitoring service to alert you of issues.

The DFA plan is the USPS® response to do something to ensure future growth. You can proactively address these strategic postal changes by using BCC Software’s roadmap of five Do Something! Actions.

Learn more about the five strategies and approaches for each of the strategies in our blog post, Five Do Something! Actions to Proactively Address Strategic Postal Changes.

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