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Streamlined its productions and met the demands of continued growth with BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

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“The ability to provide end-to-end automation solutions to customers, especially those who have programmatic jobs, is vital to the growth of our business. … We have tested other solutions over the years but kept BCC because it’s the most flexible and intuitive solution on the market.” – Heeter Printing

Heeter, like many organizations succeeding in the market, was faced with a constant challenge to meet the demands that come with continued growth such as streamlining the production process.

BCC Mail Manager Full Service

With Mail Manager Full Service Heeter was able to automate its workflow, saving 8 hours of processing speed every day and $55,680 per year.

Comprehensive Solution, Automated Processing, Continued Growth


Heeter Printing, a Canonsburg, PA market leader in marketing communications has been able to automate and streamline its processing of mail data through the use of BCC’s comprehensive solution — Mail Manager Full Service.

As automation was key to Heeter’s strategy for meeting the demands of its customers, this solution has helped Heeter cut down on processing time, saving 8 hours per day, and an average of $55,680 per year. The BCC Mail Manager Full Service has eliminated the need for manual job processing which was an average of 60 mins per job. With the time saved, Heeter is now able to repurpose its talent for higher-margin jobs.

Other results gotten include:

      • The ability to meet customers’ complex job requirements, from data manipulation to presorting
      • The ability to meet customers’ SLAs for quick turn times and end-to-end automation for programmatic jobs – customers who are able to standardize aspects of their jobs (such as list format) are able to take advantage of the automated services Heeter offers
      • The ability to ensure compliance with USPS requirements and the best postage savings for customers’ mailings.

Additionally,  Mail Manager Full Service has a built-in wizard (which is also a task that can be automated in the workflow) for our Track N Trace service that utilizes USPS IV to scan data. The reporting provides Heeter’s customers with an easy-to-read view of their mailing. They can see where the mail is in the mail stream, predict delivery dates, and hold the USPS accountable for delivery – or even their end customers accountable if a response to that mailing is required (for instance if the piece of mail is a bill/statement/or a notice of some sort).

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