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A High-Volume Printer/Mailer Finds a New Partner: BCC Software's BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

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“We’re really pleased. Switching to BCC Software was the right decision.”Kerry Gradel, PJ Green

The high-volume mailer sought a new postal software vendor that would provide exceptional customer support and superior mailing technology solutions.

      • BCC Mail Manager Full Service
      • Data Marketing Services

PJ Green was rewarded with a longterm mailing technology partner with BCC Software. They had a smooth transition to BCC Mail Manager Full Service. The software fully supports Full Service Intelligent Mail® barcode, Mail.dat, palletization, job-automation, Move Update services and more.

PJ Green, Inc. is an 80-year-old mailing and fulfillment company that handles millions of pieces of mail each month from its headquarters in Utica, NY. The firm’s biggest clients are professional printers and colleges and universities with high-volume Standard Mail® jobs that require speed, efficiency and the certainty of optimized postal discounts.

As a longtime user of Postalsoft products (currently owned by SAP), PJ Green began to have difficulty justifying rising costs and diminishing customer support. “It was worrisome,” said Kerry Gradel, Officer/Application Analyst at PJ Green. “I wouldn’t even call and ask for help anymore. When I did call, I would wait for what seemed like forever. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

The time had come for a change, she decided, and two criteria were key in her decision for a replacement. First, the provider had to be able to deliver ample support as needed. Second, their Move Update offerings—a vital consideration in today’s address quality-conscious mailing industry—had to be complete, well planned and easy to use.

BCC Software: The Full-Service Solutions Provider

Gradel had been aware of BCC Software for some time, and recent contact with the company prompted her to consider switching to BCC Software’s BCC Mail Manager™ Full Service software, a comprehensive mail-processing suite specifically configured for high-volume throughput.

Built on the core technology foundation of BCC Software’s BCC Mail Manager software, BCC Mail Manager Full Service provides integrated support for the Full Service Intelligent Mail® barcode, advanced Mail.dat® generation and updating capabilities, total palletization and job automation functionality, and more. A proprietary addressmatching engine ensures optimal match rates and processing speeds dramatically higher than the standard engine developed by the United States Postal Service®.

Most significantly for major mailers feeling let down by other longtime providers, BCC Software’s long-standing industry presence and dedication to mailing technology solutions make it a company in which users can have faith.

For Gradel, that faith was rewarded with a smooth transition experience. For the initial installation, two members of the BCC Software Professional Services team went to Utica to assist Gradel’s team in moving over to BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

One BCC Software team member “came for a day and just sat with me, to see what we were doing and how he could help,” she said.

Her trust in these senior BCC Software personnel has led her to contact them directly on specific software issues, even long after the initial installation was completed.

BCC Software Data Marketing Services: Address Correction Made Easy

“With the new Move Update requirements handed down by the Postal Service™, BCC Software’s option for NCOALink® Flat Rate FSP—providing a year of USPS® address correction processing — was too good to pass up,” Gradel added. BCC Software’s swift turnarounds on FSP processing allowed PJ Green to simply add the process to all mail-processing projects that came in—and at no additional cost to clients, thanks to the option’s single, easily budgeted annual NCOALink fee.

“Data Marketing Services has been great with BCC Software. We’ve made it mandatory for everyone’s jobs,” she said. “It helps everyone avoid hassles with the Post Office™.”

BCC Software: For PJ Green, The Right Decision for the Future

Having added BCC Mail Manager Full Service ten months ago, PJ Green is already nearing the halfway point toward Gradel’s estimate of a two-year ROI on the initial purchase. “We’re really pleased,” she said. “Switching to BCC Software was the right decision.”

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