PostMark Inc.

“Your customer support is a strong, strong positive for all of BCC Software.” – Dick Vann, Senior Advisor and Partner at PostMark

When Jon Bowman and Dick Vann from Post Mark Inc. (PostMark), a full-service mail house located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, had a customer in the healthcare industry who needed to get a direct mail letter out with customer-specific geographic information, they knew they needed to deliver a timely and accurate solution.

Facing the reality of changing in-network providers, the customer needed to ensure that residents in the area were made aware of the new providers they were reassigned to, and the new locations where they could receive healthcare based on where they lived. Clearly communicating this change in a timely matter was especially important since some of the areas covered by the healthcare network were very rural.

To ensure this, PostMark looked to BCC Software for a solution that fit the bill –Rooftop Geocoding. Rooftop Geocoding from BCC Software allows the sender to precisely target personalized messages by adding the exact longitude and latitude – to six decimal places – of the address on each record.

On top of already reaping the benefits of seamless mailing thanks to BCC Mail Manager™, PostMark was able to easily integrate Rooftop Geocoding into its operations, and worked closely with BCC Software’s Customer Support team to get it all set up.

“BCC Software customer support is absolutely excellent. They don’t play games. We worked closely with them to work through the details of setting up Rooftop Geocoding into our operations,” says Vann.

After working with BCC Software to get Rooftop Geocoding up and running with their workflow, PostMark was able to turnaround its customer’s seemingly complex job in just one day. This would have taken the customer at least three weeks to process were they to do it internally.

By offering services like Rooftop Geocoding, PostMark is standing apart from its direct competitors. “It’s important to work with your customers to understand their pain points and develop a comprehensive strategy,” says Bowman.  

“We appreciate the product that you produce, because we know that the market is not the world’s largest, but you have a very strong product, and we make heavy use of it,” explains Vann.