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Square One, a marketing communications provider, evolved their business model to reflect how business gets done today, and grew their mailing service offerings - thanks in part to BCC Mail Manager.

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For every penny saved on postage, we may be gaining another mailing from our client.”Jill Townsend, Square One

Seen as a resource for their customers, Square One needed a solution that would allow them to provide more services quicker without increasing labor hours.

Square One started using BCC Mail Manager LE, and as they expanded, easily upgraded to BCC Mail Manager and then BCC Mail Manager Full Service—a comprehensive solution that has made a big difference for the company.

      • $500,000 growth in mailing services
      • 70% increase in efficiency on variable mailings
      • 249% increase in efficiency for letter/envelope mailing in less than six months’ time.

In this video from the 2016 Information Exchange, BCC Software’s user conference, president Chris Lien interviews Jill Townsend, executive vice president of Square One about how BCC Software impacts their business.

Lowering the cost of postage means a higher ROI.


Coining the term “direct mail manufacturing,” Jill Townsend, Executive Vice President of Square One, and her team work with their clients to be a solution provider, especially in the area of maximizing postal discounts.

Square One’s growth isn’t accidental, especially in an era when most of its competitors are struggling. Townsend and her team have made calculated decisions, constantly educating themselves about what is available, what are its challenges, and how they can stay affordable.

One strategic tool that has been a constant at Square One is BCC Mail Manager™. Starting with BCC Mail Manager LE in 2002, Square One moved to BCC Mail Manger in 2009, and in 2015 upgraded to BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

Townsend credits not only the product, but also her account representative, as the value that is added to Square One and its customers.

With a response rate of over 200% better than email, smart marketers know direct mail can pull its weight in the growing channels available to reach customers 

Increase profitability and productivity

The spectacular productivity and sales results within the mailing service branch of Square One only showed one side of the story. The other side is the productivity that allowed less manpower per job and thus more jobs done. Processes like data preflight and label simulation, both of which were previously done manually, are now automated.

In areas like file splitting, complex mail streams with versioning are now coded for lot variation, maximizing postal discounts and simplifying the processing. Square One can also offer its customers the ability to run campaigns where gender specific coding requires different variable images or content driven messaging by offering more stringent de-duping of records by name variation for better address hygiene and accurate recipient counts.

Streamline your tasks

As a BCC Mail Manager Full Service customer, the Square One mailing services department streamlined the tasks and identified mailing processes that could be performed with an increased level of production capacity. This has been accomplished without an increase in staffing or production time. BCC Mail Manager Full Service allowed them to expand their reach within their existing customer base, growing accounts with sophisticated, large-scale and targeted mail campaigns. It has also attracted new business development to their ideal vertical markets, companies that were looking for the same type of service from a provider with a proven track record.

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