Vision Graphics, Inc.

Ensures the safe and reliable delivery of election season mailings with BCC Ignite.

Powerful Integration, Automated Processing

Vision Graphics, a Denver, CO based leader in the print communication industry, has been able to rapidly automate the processing of mail data through the integration of BCC Software’s BCC Ignite technology. It provides them with increased flexibility to manage various projects and implement complex decision trees to parse, split, and cleanse files immediately upon data receipt – allowing for route mail-ready data sets of any size into their production facilities at greater speeds than ever before. Speed is critical when it comes to responding to any issues that might present themselves throughout a campaign mailing cycle. The BCC Ignite platform has eliminated the need for days of data processing and job preparation to get critical messages out the door.

Vision Graphics also leverages BCC Ignite’s automation features for recurring data sets, which enables their scripts to access multiple decision branches that determine the most efficient method of preparing mail files. The provided API connectivity to and from all external data sources automates multi-touch marketing and customer communications, allowing them to process hundreds of direct mail files and jobs simultaneously – which is especially crucial for political and election mail. Timing especially is a huge key to the success of vote by mail, especially when it comes to recipients who live abroad. Getting these ballots in the mailstream early enough, and in some cases strategically inducted into the mailstream to ensure timely delivery for participation, is key. The streamlined automation makes it simple to deploy files of all sizes. While other mailing platforms run offline and external to critical corporate data infrastructure, BCC Ignite can access and enrich the customer journey from all sources.

Additionally, BCC Ignite’s ability to integrate with other software within the BCC Ignite package, such as BCC Architect, BCC Presort, and BCC Post-Presort saves their clients lead time in generation data and expedites time to market for their mailings.