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How Xpressdocs tripled their business in five years with an automated web-to-print workflow that includes BCC Mail Manager.

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“When I made that decision to switch four years ago, I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew what it would take to get there, so I started researching. BCC Software was a very vital piece of the pie and continues to be because they’re responsive. It is very much a partnership that is intertwined.”Michelle Brown, Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs is a fast-paced direct mail company that needed a sophisticated and detailed platform. They also needed a solution that would be fluid enough to keep up with the evolving company, and industry.

By utilizing BCC Mail Manager Full Service to streamline previously manual processes with workflow automation, Xpressdocs has been able to reallocate resources into new ventures.

      • 3x growth in size in five years
      • 250,000 mailpieces per day
      • 99% fully automated with no operator intervention between web and print
Everything is bigger in Texas. Especially one business backed by the power of workflow automation.

Xpressdocs is an on-demand marketing services provider that uses BCC Mail Manager Full Service to power an important part of their automated direct mail workflow. Xpressdocs created a fully autonomous web-to-print platform for high quality, personalized direct marketing materials. They process nearly a quarter of a million pieces of traditional mail each day, 63% of that is first-class mail.

In May 2016, they announced their second major acquisition in three years, acquiring Merrill Corporation’s residential real estate, related professional services and franchise/reseller business. This is a strategic acquisition for Xpressdocs, who has more than tripled in size over the last five years and previously acquired Global Group Inc. in 2012.

Xpressdocs experienced unprecedented growth with an “aggressive” attitude

Integration with BCC Mail Manager software enabled them to efficiently scale their production operation and grow their client base in the fields of education, insurance, finance, healthcare, real estate and franchise marketing. With high-end clients like Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and Keller Williams, the Fort Worth based company has worked tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve in direct marketing. They’ve done this by expanding their services to encompass print, email and social media marketing and leveraging the workflow automation capabilities of BCC Mail Manager Full Service.

According to Michelle Brown, Xpressdocs’ Fulfillment Direction, 99% of print jobs come through an automated process. Brown, a 25-year veteran of the postal industry, oversees the shipping, mailing and data services department. Her contributions toward creating unique internal automated workflows, as well as streamlining postal mailings, have helped Xpressdocs elevate to unprecedented productivity. These efficiencies led the company to become the recipient of the distinguished United State Postal Service Mail Innovation award in 2013.

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